Friday, June 23, 2017


I wanted to draw my dudes in Fourth of July-inspired outfits every day in July until the holiday, so this was Alexis Blight's run. I've always wanted to do themed outfits, but I recently saw an ad with some neat US flag style stuff, and the month/holiday felt like good prompting anyway.

I was eager to draw specifically Alexis Blight because it's been a while, and the last one wasn't so great.

Since she's a bit on the meaner side, I thought she might be a little more antagonistic in her shoot, like even when everyone's having a good time, she still just has to make a little dig. They're on the same team, but she's gotta be a slight jerk about it.

But another reason for this series is because I also wanted to reclaim my patriotism. Things have tanked since the election--even before, during the campaign--and it's made me feel even shame of being from the US. But I love my country and am proud of what it is, should be, and represents.

It's been hard to be proud of my country lately, but we're going to get through this monstrosity and I do suspect we'll all be better for it, and banish those evil beings and forces strangling our national identity at long last.

I'm writing this as of 7/28/17, the day the Senate's "Skinny Repeal" bill died, meaning the Affordable Care Act is seemingly safe for now. The deciding votes were from rank-breaking Republican Sens. Collins, Murkowski, and McCain. A happy, proud ending to a horrifying story.

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