Friday, October 20, 2017


MTGinktober creeps into Day 18, "Filthy," starring Hazoret the...Fervent...giddily exploring the back section of a local Blockbuster, but you know, just the section they curtain off. That part.

I was dreading having to draw that complicated head ring apparatus, so many ways to mess up, and drawing circles--concentric circles to boot--was going to be tough. Plus I keep meaning to sit down and study drawing metal in ink, but on the bright side we ended up doing a lot of on the job training during MTGinktober, since so there's so much armor and sword stuff to deal with.

So here she is kinda coyly dancing around her favorite part of her fav video shack, a little too antsy to walk in while another person's in there. I figure she plays with her headdress flowy things when she's nervous or hatching unbecoming ideas. But here she's kinda giggling that the same old coot is in there again. To be fair, he's always milling around in there, so this isn't the first time she's had to wait for him to wrap it up so she can swoop in.

Fun Facts: As a personal rule, I keep all my stuff generally PG or so, but I wanted to make a bit of a risque joke here--though quite understated and left up to the viewer to decipher--based on the horrendous typography they chose for the Amonkhet Masterpieces. The special font they used gave old Hazoret here an unfortunate nickname based on what word it looks like they named her on her Invocation version, so I wanted to run with it and make a drawing of her living the dirtbag life.

Easter Eggs: The guy in the room is none other than Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z. The steamy coverboy spoofing Combustible Gearhulk is Enthralling Victor, whose full name is Victor Damo da Roja, which is a play on Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, one of the longest names in Magic and a really interesting dude.

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