Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Well, here's a pikachu and some ketchup.

I feel like I keep falling into traps, like how I always paint ocean scenes because they're so forgiving, and this one appears to manifest the "pikachu in a forest" trap.

But I did try to get inventive, I wanted to make a kind of emo pika, and the device by which we got there was with his little ketchup packet.

I've actually drawn a ketchup-y thing before with that old Adrian Simon piece, amusingly enough.

Anyway, as the story goes, Pikachu love ketchup, at least Ash's does, so I thought it'd be neat to make that the emotional center of a piece.

I also drew this initially mainly with my good old Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush, but then took the opportunity to try out some of my new Dave Greco brushes, which I found here.

These new brushes are pretty sweet, and I'm looking forward to utilizing them some more, though I really like using the SAUB to set up a piece since it's nice and non-frilly. I turned out this initial Daily Post version pretty quickly, in fact, so it bodes well for quicker turnarounds.

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