Friday, December 29, 2017


Nothing has felt good enough to post here, so we're perpetually playing catch-up, but let's just close the year with this low-pressure zero.

I wanted to draw him sleep deprived and in a hybrid of hard, ink lines and soft, painted eyes.

Nothing's really worked out this year, even the good stuff was temporary and as fleeting as I had thought it would be.

But there's the hope things'll get better somehow at some point.

I feel like I'm ultimately an optimist, but I have to sledge through an ocean of pessimism to get there, yet that's all I can really do.

Not normal,


Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Laugh yourself to death, it's Sick Little Suicide #37, "Funny," in which we finally have a reason to smile.

This comes off of news that Doug Jones (D) beat child abuser R.M. (R) for Alabama senate, the first major victory in rebuking that orange turd's ethos. This was significant because it makes the Senate quite reasonably within reach of being flippable in November, and in the meantime makes it just that much more difficult for Republicans to get their destructive policies through since they now only have the slimmest margins of majority.

Yes, he's from Alabama, but I'm hoping he doesn't cow into a quasi-Republicanism; he has to take his election as a signal to push back on that party of frauds and cons. Another gain of this election has been that it has concretely outed the Republicans as plain hypocrites on moral authority. These villains maneuvered their way to endorsing or condoning a child abuser, and only mildly stepped back when it was inconvenient for them, if those who disavowed him didn't straight up re-join him later. But those who stuck with him dared to invoke religion in his very defense in the face of his accusers. This is flatly evil. These people are monsters and need to be ripped out of Congress, the White House, and polite society at large.

This isn't even addressing how starkly unqualified the Republican was before news of his personal behavior broke: the guy lost his judgeship not once, but twice for outright defying court orders. If a math teacher insists on using math hour to teach students Shakespeare because he feels like that's his job, consequently lost his math-teaching job after the principle explicitly told him to teach math, got his math job again, and then refused to teach math and insisted on talking Shakespeare again, and then lost his math-teaching job again, that guy doesn't deserve to be a math teacher, forget about if we find out he'd been messing with kids and had gotten banned from the cafeteria because of student complaints. And we're supposed to treat that guy as a normal, viable candidate for superintendent, who would be responsible for teachers' conduct? It's a sick cartoon.

Fun Facts: Nick Animation reposted this piece (the early version of it, but still)!

Easter Eggs: The art is based on Doug Funnie's Race Canyon alter ego, but he's in Indiana Jones's famous he's Doug Jones, get it? Anyway, it's all blue cuz that's the Democrat color.

Not normal,


Friday, December 1, 2017


This is a rework of an earlier piece, starring Vicky V. I've been wanting to give a slight painterly polish to some drawings without going overboard and the minimalism of Coverage Draft art lends itself well to such experiments.

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