Friday, May 24, 2013


Missed my train back home from FNM so I camped out at a Sukiya and played some Magic and drew and came back and tried coloring it a little.

I used a picture of the pencils since my camera captured with with an interesting reddish tint I wanted to use. I was thinking of stories as I drew it, and it first I just wanted to draw an arrogant Commander player. But maybe she has to challenge the Seven Warlords of the Sea--but for Commander--and if she can't beat them, she dies. Of course when she gets to the last one, she discovers there's actually one more...the one behind it all. Even a prodigy like her surely doesn't stand a chance.

The name Shiko comes from how Japanese people pronounce "C" and a common suffix "ko" for girls. The kanji in the final means unsanctioned, which is how Commander events usually go, and since this would be games with actual lives on the line and stuff, surely these battles would be off the books.

Also, it's actually 2/7/15 today!


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