Friday, November 8, 2013


My fourth Fear comic, but only the second published, as the first two were just sorta practice. Anyway, think back to when Khans of Tarkir was about to come out and everyone was still unsure how these newfangled wedge names would play, that's what was going down when this came out.

Fun Facts: I thought back to Yale channel my hatred of hipsters, since Portland's state animal is the hipster. Fortunately there aren't really hipsters in Japan, everyone is just pretty much about what they're about, no irony. Except lands in front...don't you dare tell me that's intuitive or comfortable to play. Anyway, I do loathe players that stick to antiquated or obsolete terminology and stuff just to prove how enfranchised they are--calling it MODO, calling all cards by their first iteration (all mass -2/-2s are Infest, everything has "Kicker," etc.) etc.

Easter Eggs: GP Portland 2014's venue, angry dudes and Yale in trees, TV Reporter from Pokemon, Sunflower Plains, Fblthp, Mox Sapphire, Arabian Nights Mountain, Jugan, Black Lotus, mana symbols, untap symbol, CNN logo, Lands in Front tats, pi, e, and i.

Ah, memories.



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