Friday, October 16, 2015


Found a photo of an old watercolor painting I did in '14, Fourth of July-themed.

I remember painting this in a Sukiya. I used to camp out there while eating the Mega Cheese Curry (thing is yuuuge), and after missing the last train home one night, I eventually discovered I could use that place as a sub-1000-yen hotel! Just buy whatever you want and you can literally spend the night there since it's open 24 hours! I later would use this sick tech during prerelease marathons rather than make the commute each day.

In fact, here's how you hack prerelease marathons in Tokyo: just hit the FNM leading right into the midnight prerelease (there's usually about an hour after FNM to eat at the local 7-11 or Family Mart before the midnight event), then jam the midnight until morning, then ride around and sleep on the train for a couple hours before the morning's Day 1 (I recommend getting onto the Tozai Line and riding that full circuit up and down since it will lap right back to Takadanobaba just in time), hit up the Saturday prerelease by no later than 30 min before doors, then when the day ends you pop over to Sukiya for a bite and a sleepover, get your boot back to the Sunday prerelease in the morning again by 30 prior, and then by the end of day 2 you're back on the train headed home like you just pulled off a heist. A reeking, stinky, sweaty heist. Don't forget to pack your infinitely futile Japanese deodorant. But it will do you no good, naive child.

Japanese deodorant burns and burns and burns, but it, like goggles, does nothing.



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