Friday, June 20, 2008


This is how I made a shot called PixieDust.

Light pencils first.

I wanted to make a collected edition of last semester's comics and knew I needed cover art, so I decided to try a more realistic portrayal of the heroine than is possible in the comics.

The goal was to push the clothing's realism, while retaining our 2D character.

Darker pencils and clean up next.

The concept was that she's adjusting or pressing up the page.

I decided against using the image as a cover, though.

For one, it's a little too big compared to the dimensions I'd been using all year.

Shade in colors to finish.

And besides, I wanted to make my last post from Yale last year be special, so I used it for that instead.

I'm pretty happy with it, and it was a fun change-up to how we normally draw her for the comic.

14 days till Japan,


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