Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here's the Making Of my Penny Dreadful Cover.

So I had one weekend to complete a Herald comic, a Rudd cartoon, and a Penny interior and cover, plus that whole homework thing.

Let's go.

The cover's first step is a concept sketch of our hero running from a steam explosion while the villain's giant, hologrammy head rages.

Here's kind of an anchoring outline for what I want to do.

This keeps the final draft on track and organized.

In all honesty, after the concept sketch I immediately began dreading the final because I wasn't feeling happy with how Cindy was coming out.

But I hoped for the best while awkwardly modeling for that running pose.

The penciled final.

The metal, grated floor didn't make the final because of time restraints, unfortunately. Same goes for the side coils' detail.

I had finished everything else but the homework on the To Do list and knew that the grates and coils would take forever and wouldn't even be missed if omitted.

And now of course the final, inked draft.

I wasn't thrilled by it, but I couldn't stop staring at that printed version; I picked up a copy of the magazine to discover that they'd photoshopped my lines to look like I used a flowing ink pen, just like the greats! Awesome.

Gosh, the Penny Dreadful was so cool.


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