Monday, June 2, 2008


Play that funky doodle, whiteboards.

So this was from the night after my last final, three or four in the morning. I blasted music in the senior seminar room and drew spontaneously because I realized that there I was, happy that all my schoolwork was finally done, but with no one to celebrate with, so this was as much of a party as I was getting.

They say at Yale you'll have profound, late night conversations; that was definitely true last year, but this year drawing and music's all I got. So this is my late-night-conversations.

Fly Home.

From right before leaving for Christmas Break.


Feeling gloomy that day.

Kelly Study Break.

This is the biggest drawing I've ever done of her.

It was funny how I'd get stares from passersby outside the seminar room's massive windows, as they saw this giant drawing behind me.


From after Thanksgiving break, gritting my teeth for another stay in Swing Space.

Robot inspired by the Iron Giant.

Someone wrote me an insightful little comment under my guy's bitter welcome message.

Is it Over Yet?

From the midsts of that happy little episode I call Room Draw 08.

My gosh, I suck at life.


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