Friday, November 14, 2008


Last change: While Frankie handles the Ka'Orum duo, Ben discovers an odd fortune-teller machine.
Now change 11!

If you want this to mean anything, read up on what's happened so far (easier browsing at deviantART).

Easter Eggs: Change 11 in panel 3.

Fun Facts: The currency of India is the rupee; Ipu's original name was Bill up until yesterday. Last minute rewrites thanks to the Herald's "DK."

Next, jack kelly appropriately tears into one pathetic excuse for a comedian in, "dat sham."

I never tire of noting how pathetic this idiot is (Dat Phan, that is, although jack kelly sickens me, too).

And it's (unintentionally) funny how he mentions people not being to tell different kinds of Asians apart and one of the first things out of his mouth is a remark, after an "Indian" fellow in the audience snapped a photo with the flash on, to please turn flash off all cameras. Well that perceived fan was actually taking a photo of Dat Moron in the same way one takes a photo of a car crash or a zeppelin aflame: proof that you witnessed such a disaster.

How do I know what that "Indian guy" was thinking? Because Mexican-me was that Indian guy.

And here I thought this would be the year I didn't get confused for an Indian...Unrelatedly, I didn't give Ipu an Indian-theme until a little over 24 hours ago.


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