Friday, August 28, 2009


Juggle some chainsaws, it's Sick Little Suicide # 8 - "Rip," in which I bet that some people kinda feel this way.

It's like Rory Gilmore, just realer and Browner.

Easter Eggs: "EVDKTL" in the upper right grass (RIP The Matches), L and T Tetris blocks atop LC.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is an unlikely angle between CT Hall and LC. Also, no disrespect meant to Garry Tru--, I just thought it was a funny shout out.

Baa: Hello Yale 2013! I envy you for being freshmen! Don't forget to enjoy every second of it!

Also, please join Comics Club and/or Yale Herald Comics--see our flyers around campus for information or email me!

Final draft art coming soon.


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