Wednesday, August 12, 2009


For practice, I tried coloring this piece using only brush strokes, and for more practice today, I tried adding smudges.

Fun Facts: On a break from comicsing, I sketched from this clip of Yale dropout Claire Danes, whose stage debut (Pygmalion) I saw at Culture Draw '07.

Baa: So far I've won a ticket for Culture Draw every year and even saw an extra play last year! Pretty amazing. Who loves ya, JE?

Say, you know who played the Doolittle dad in Pygmalion?

The announcer from Angels in the Outfield, Ranch Wilder!

Excellent performance, too.

I vaguely remember seeing the movie when I was really little (actually, I was fatter), but I found the play kinda depressing.

Go back to Cincinatti,



Anonymous said...

ranch wilder was awesome

scott said...


excuse my french, but this is fucking incredible,