Monday, December 14, 2009


How many life decisions did you make this weekend? I believe I made two. More on that this Friday.

What's more important right now is that tomorrow's the big launch! Of what? Of The Rollover Motive's debut EP, presumably located here! Aren't they called "Stray Balloon" now? And wasn't the more recent name simply "Rollover Motive," sans "the"? Yes and yes! But I greatly prefer the first version. So to get pumped for that, here's some rock themed artwork, wherein everything digests my dinosaur life.

Also, I've decided to start a rock band. It's like Arctic Monkeys meets The Roots. Basically Gorillaz type action. Only da bess join dis croo.

So besides the two big decisions, I had a pretty eventful weekend in general, actually: I lunched at the Friars' Club in New York and met the author whose book I used in my comedy history paper (he interviewed both old time Yalie Dick Cavett and '94 Yalie/Ex!t Player Allison Silverman). Comics Club launched Escape! and it sold out within 48 hours. I submitted a paper via email just before deadline, but discovered an hour later that I had attached the wrong file (the annotated outline, not the final draft). I learned I missed "Stray Balloon"'s likely final performance of the year. My boss dropped some Bull Tales on me that I'd never seen before (thank you). I bounced between ecstasy and depression and landed in neutral. Two separate young men in an hour's span asked me for input on their aspirations for naked escapades. I wrote a bunch of new comics, some of which could make certain people really uncomfortable, myself included.

All that in one weekend. What did you do? Write a paper? Loser. Study for a test? Loser. Consort with friends? Loser...

In conclusion: order lies within disaster.


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