Monday, December 7, 2009


I've said it before and I'll say it again: I am no Ex!t fan. Their only real attraction is Jeopardy!, but beyond that I just can't get into it no matter how many times I try; I'd take the Crayon over Ex!t any day. I'm doing a paper for my comedy history class, and I came across an interview with big time Ex!t alumna, Allison Silverman '94, (Late Night Conan, Daily Show, and Colbert), and even she gave the Crayon a vague thumbs up over her own troupe.

Asked how the Ex!t Players differed from Yale's other groups, she responded, "I thought they were the flat-out funniest. There was another group that performed long-form material, but I didn't really understand that method until after I graduated. In retrospect, I prefer long form. But, at the time, short form was my preference." (Mike Sacks, And Here's the Kicker, 234)

But to stay positive, here's a sketch from a meeting about college seminars. I was just in it to push JE to get first dibs on a comedy writing seminar, but it looks like that class didn't even get picked up at all! Anyway, I think it's hilarious that this guy is so JE, and yet he's actually quite agreeable. I'm a big fan of voices, and he's got one of my favorites: it makes me think of Napoleon Dynamite mixed with peanut butter. Haha.

I just wonder why he and this guy do not have accents. I'm from California, so I'm pretty ignorant, but aren't Southerners supposed to have accents? I've only heard one legit "Y'all come back now, hear?" sorta Southern accent at Yale ever. It was so ridiculous, I thought someone was making fun of Southerners, but that was how the person actually spoke! Hilarious! Okay. Better stop talking about Southerners before I get into trouble.

Finally, here's a Zero sketch for the kids, also drawn during the Ex!t show, which brings me to my main point--this time it's for real: never will I ever attend another Ex!t show. No more $2 entrance fees. No more sitting patiently for Jeopardy!, that's it.

It's no real loss, since no one in the gang is particularly fun to draw anymore, although there's that Yugoni (pictured above), who looks just like Genchaka. And that guy was seriously fun to draw. It's got to be the shnauz. Intense.


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