Friday, November 20, 2009


Kids say the jackedest things.

Zero Like Me #56
Zero Romance #11:
Airport Romantics
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Easter Eggs: Romance 11 in plant, Arthur's mom, subtle reference to another plot.

Fun Facts: I imagine all kinds of really mean, awful conversations in my head, distill them, and then make them into comics for all you pretty people.

Baa: I met this guy, Sal, in an airport who just completely freaked out on me: "Wait, do you really go to Yale?! That's like...for geniuses! It's in, like New York right? Or is that Harvard? Man, you guys are so smart!"

The Herald publishes a day early the week before breaks, so this came out Thursday, not Friday, actually.

Overheard Cantab: "Anybody know how to get to TD House?"

Also, at the Purple Crayon slash Immediate Gradification Players show, no Harvardians got the reference to "The Dead Shall Be Raised." They must have been really confused by the huge laughs the line got. Beautiful.

I'm pretty lucky. This year I'm going on to The Game with four people! FOUR! That's four times the usual amount! There's jack kelly as always, but also this new guy Gerardo Manera, and my good friends Zero and Nyao.



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Jay said...

i wish you would get over the whole Harvard thing sometimes... just because you were not smart enough >_< jk jk