Friday, November 13, 2009


Monotony ensues.

Zero Like Me #53
Zero Romance #10:
The Yooshz
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If you want to see a polished comic today, check out this STEAMY COMIC too hot for the YDN. Or was it just asking too much of you as a reader? Anyway, it's for grade-A geniuses only. For their own protection, no stupid people are allowed to read it because they will not understand it. It is too difficult to understand, you see. Therefore, if you are stupid, do not read this comic. If you do, you will feel stupider for not being able to understand the comic. I am warning you for your own protection: you will not be able to understand this comic, and in fact, I have it on very good authority that you will not be able understand it. Likely because statistically, you are too stupid to understand it. So don't even try, as again, it will only prove that you are stupid.

Easter Eggs: [Loading...]

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Final Art and full update coming soon; until then, check the Herald Comics Site.

But there is also that yellow stinking rat, jack kelly. I bet he puts in a lot of hours into his comics...

First up from that corny ogre is "complain" which may or may not look like this:

And the foul villain has the gall to insult people who wish people well who have weblogs--he should be grateful for all the people saying unwittingly to his face things like "I LOVE jack kelly!" Ugh...

A sack of feces if ever there was one.

Ok, final art and update coming soon.


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