Sunday, November 22, 2009


This last round of The Game shirts wasn't terribly inspiring. There was even a ridiculous scandal on one of the shirts.

Anyway, these were the sketches for this year's cycle of The Game shirts brought to you by Catalyst Apparel.

They had some difficulty with Yale's licensing department, so we weren't able to cast any new shirts, but I did see someone wearing my old Flag design, which you can also wear year round (the guy sitting next to me in Japanese class was wearing it on the first day of class, even).

Funny thing, though, I saw a Harvardian wearing some kind of Pacman shirt, where the figures were inside a giant H.

This next sketch started as a kind of "wacky idea." What if we made a shirt that made fun of how gung-ho Yalies get about Yale? What's the most ridiculous way to show school spirit? What if we had a shirt saluting all of Yale's men who've become US presidents (all of whom have been at best mediocre presidents)?

So, minus Gerald Ford (Law), I designed this gangsta style shirt with all the Eli's who kept it real from the White Hiz-ouse.

Ok. Daily post challenge is on. Artwork every day until school's back.


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