Monday, November 2, 2009


Gosh, that must be so awesome...

Zero Like Me #48:
With Beauty and Justice For All Pt.1 - Special

Schoolwork is unavoidable recently, but it's almost over, and then we can get back in business.

Final artwork and full update coming soon, although I will say that this was supposed to run a while ago, but a bigger story came up out of nowhere.

Quick Update re: comment #1--I don't like to break the 4th wall in comics unnecessarily so I likely won't address this in a comic, however I did want to do a post about it on this site, but I didn't think anyone cared to know. Basically having a cat sidekick is based on the supportive characteristics I find in "Puss in Boots" and my family's cats. And it is because I am weird that I made these two connections. I'm not sure if your comment is a backhanded compliment but, you know, sorry to ruin your day if I did. --Reuxben 11/6/09


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Anonymous said...

I don't really understand your obsession with this cat character. is it derived from your bestiality tendencies? Or simply from the fact that you're a weird piece of shit? Just wondering... I also hope that you incorporate this comment into your comics, because they're just so much better when you have an agenda rather than just expressing your deep rooted zoophilia