Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I designed a shirt for the International Students' Organization. Yeah. With a Z--that is, not a "Zed" and not with an S. So there.

This was booked by Catalyst Apparel, but I get the sinking suspicion I'm not getting paid. Got two shirts though...yay?

And if you need some international tunes to rock out to while wearing this, you're welcome.

So even though it looks like I'm not getting a cut, be sure to buy yours today! Also available in black. Like my sole (my shoes are black).

It's bound to be a collectors' item because I don't anticipate any more shirts in my future.

Quick note...why would they second guess a native speaker on this line of text? The original line for print on the shirt's back was "Outsourcing friendship since 1701," but they printed plural "friendships," which just sounds weird, dude.

I ain't even gonna front,


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