Wednesday, November 4, 2009


What exactly do you do at a gun show, besides trying to one-up each other in the semi-unspoken I'm-totally-not-into-murder-I-just-love-killing-animals contest?

Zero Like Me #49:
With Beauty and Justice For All Pt.2 - Fellas
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1, an old poster, Bravo is not something I associate with 1988.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is JE E32, fortunately a nobody was home so I just sat there and drew the room.

Baa: I'm scared of death. At my physics teacher's funeral, I overheard someone who was close to her mention that she would never have believed that so many people came to the funeral because she was so self-conscious. I guess the upside is that you're not really around for that literally ultimate popularity contest.

Whenever somebody dies I can't help thinking what's going to happen when I die. It's lose-lose, really: either people show up because they actually care and I lived my life clueless or people show up and lie like they knew me. This is one of the reasons I especially fear dying during my school years; I don't want to put other people in uncomfortable situations. I didn't go to the vigils out of respect for him and her; I would feel insulted and embarrassed if a total stranger showed up. But I pray for them.

Quick Update Re: Comment #3: I mean, you're right, I guess. But then again, because this is a public site, it's a little more complicated and personal than I was and am willing to detail here, but I can only tell you that I can remember how incredulous, depressed, and angry I felt after my physics teacher died, especially when I tried to imagine life just carrying on like nothing after she was gone, so I know how horrific this current climate is for those affected. But as someone completely unconnected from these recent tragedies, I'm at a total loss on how to legitimately respond to them specifically. I mean, what do you want from me? How am I supposed to deal with this? I prayed, I reflected, I cried. I really don't know what to do beyond reflect on what death means to me. --Reuxben 11/6/09

You know, Comment #3, I gave it some thought and realize I was unwittingly out of line and I apologize. Out of consolation, I'll keep my offending text up, plus your comments (unless you want them taken down of course), so that if anyone ever thinks I'm any kind of a good guy, they can refer to these posts and be corrected. Although if you read any of my comics, you'll find I am quite aware of my shortcomings as a human being. -- Reuxben 11/8/09



Jay said...

Jonny Brove... Yes LOL

Jay said...

ok i just woke up my eyes are still squinted together... Johny Bravo... cartoon network... nvm nvm

Fuck You said...

you would only think about yourself when somebody else dies, you sack of shit