Saturday, November 21, 2009


So today was The Game, can't tell if it was frustrating, depressing, or just plain sad. But hey, that's what she said, am I right?

In any case, I was feeling a little blue(r), despite the high of seeing someone wearing my shirt, so my friend, jack kelly, tried to cheer me up with a joke: "Maybe if Yale Football didn't suck, they wouldn't have choked." I told him to shut his face. One of those footballers was pretty nice to me when we bumped into each other in Farnam one night. He knew my name!

These last two sketches are actually from tonight's basketball game. Lost that one too, but it was actually pretty close: Yale trailed for about 10 points the whole game, and a late comeback just got cut short.

Baa: My dad once asked if I regret not going to Harvard. Honestly, I more often wonder what life woulda been like at Stanford.
I love Yale and can't imagine life elsewhere.

In fact, when I stayed at Harvard, I was really unimpressed with the place--everything looks like Pierson. And maybe it was because I was decked in Yale gear, but people didn't seem too nice. Not that I'm a good judge of character. Some of them were kinda off-handedly mean while trying to be not mean. One girl said she liked my art and then followed right up with "sorry you go to Yale." That really depressed me for some reason. Like for a split second I really wished I had gone to Harvard so I could poop all over Yale without feeling like I was biting the hand. But mostly, Harvard felt like an overly spacious series of husks. It was literally and figuratively cold and empty over there.

In Harvard's defense, some people were nice. One guy stuck around to watch me draw and he was really nice, acted like I was a big deal (but have you seen the Lampoon's art?!) YDN 06-8 called, they want their art back. Anyway, I greatly regret not pointing him to this site, but I feel really self-conscious advertising this site. That's why I kinda Easter Egg my signature/site into my artwork rather than just slap it on. If you find the plug, then great, I hope you enjoy if you choose to visit. If you don't, then all right then, off you go, and let's not waste anyone's time.

The only exception was that I decided to put out my usual call for a writing partner, except this time I printed posters with pulltabs in the hopes that I can start one of those legendary college partnerships. I like how it's so fate-oriented: the right person has to find the poster, placed in the right spot at the right time to catch their attention. So even if I don't get any bites, the idea itself is a lovely piece of performance-print art in my mind. I saw three tabs pulled and even one poster got torn down, like someone hates my guts. I guess that's a good thing because someone was so moved by me that they took time out of their day to demonstrate. LeSean Thomas once said, "If you ain't bein' hated on, then you ain't doin' $&#%." So there you go.


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