Monday, November 9, 2009


Some guardian Nyao is, although it seems people are apt to watch police brutality rather than help, actually.

Zero Like Me #51:
Burger Time
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Easter Eggs: Dan's Squareman plus inside joke with my editor in panel 1, "Yale" in panel 3.

Fun Facts: This is a landmark comic for modern YDN Comics because I had to fight for the ability to talk "about" race. The inside joke with my editor is that he keeps insisting I'm "edgy," but really, I'm not: this comic is not "about" race, it's literally about race--around it, with relation to, etc.--but it's not "about" race. I remember submitting this comic ignorant (for the most part) that the YDN felt so tenderly about anything regarding race being spoken of in a comic, and that comic went over just fine! But hopefully this comic allows us to talk a little more freely about race.

Baa: This comic goes out to RSR, who believed in me; PFM, who tried not to; and to Bill Burr, the greatest comedian alive. Also, this comic is in no way related to this comic, just coincidence.

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