Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This can't end well.

Zero Like Me #55:
Zero the Traitor Pt.1 - DOO EET
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3, Doggie Mojo.

Fun Facts: While designing Alexis, one of the hairstyles I studied belonged to the girl who let me use the scanning computer for this comic! I still need to work on the hair, but I definitely want to try that girl's style soon. Even I don't know how this story will end exaclty; we all gotta wait to see what T. Willie busts out. It's like when they asked readers to determine if Robin would die. I'm excited.

Baa: Things I heard while scanning this comic in the JE cluster:
"Do you know how long you're going to be using the scanner?"
"Does it take a long time to draw those?"
"Oh, is that for the YDN?"
"Of course, don't you recognize him?"
"Is this for tomorrow's paper?"
"Oh! So we get to see it before everyone else!"

Who's a pathetic little rock star?


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Jay said...

i hope you did not turn turn coat fir the Game...