Friday, November 6, 2009


If I ever start a Movement for Peace, I'll propose a merger so that we will become the Movement for PB&J.

Zero Like Me #50
Zero Romance #9:
With Beauty And Justice For All Pt.3 -
Big Buns
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Easter Eggs: Romance 9 and "Yale" in plants. Team Rocket and E Stone society style outfits (from Ono's Pikachu Shocks Back), Snuggie, pentagrammy happy face, Yale SOBs, Kool-Aid (not this kind).

Fun Facts: In my Beauty and Justice, a cult dedicated to happiness with a hint of evil, different costumes stand for different ranks: neophytes wear Snuggies, regulars wear gowns, and the Big Buns wear Team Rocket styled gear, and only they do not wear bunny caps, but otherwise each cap is uniquely styled for its wearer.

Baa: I wish I was in a band. Not necessarily musicians, but I mean, I just wish I had a group of people who would reliably walk in slow motion with me. That would be awesome.

Final artwork coming soon (man, just look at that Herald version...yikes. What a way to celebrate the big 5-0). Until then, don't drink the water.


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