Monday, November 30, 2009


Draw your sword in the emperor's castle, it's Sick Little Suicide #16, "Bernie Mac," in which I talk about what everyone's talking about.

It's like when an inside joke finally comes back around and now everybody's laughing, but those who laughed first get to feel smug.

Easter Eggs: Please, please, please don't be confused; the reportrix is totally a drawing based on a YDN staffer that I've never even heard of, let alone seen, and NOT an homage to the Pokemon Trading Card Game's TV Reporter crew.

Fun Facts: This is NOT an opinion comic, it is a news article. Therefore I may not use the letters Y, D, or N (together and in that order) on our crew because it will look to the simple-minded Yalie as if my news report--don't you dare call it a "comic"-- is depicting the YDN's equally sophisticated TV news staff as editorializing (that is, giving their opinion) on something, rather than what it truly is: a depiction of an actual reporter reporting news. Sure, I could attribute the crew to the letters E, S, P, and N, because that makes sense given that this is being printed in the Y, D, and N, but I am pleased to announce the Reuxben News Network. Again, I am doing this just so all you marble-sharp Yalies don't get confused and think I am drawing opinion comics, when I'm really writing news articles using scarce words and sentences so thin that they look like the linework that comprises a drawing.

Baa: The first time I dealt with this sports subject, there were cheers. The last time I dealt with this sports subject there were jeers.

So I'm 50-50 at this point, meaning we could flip a coin on this one.

And if you need someone to flip you off, Bernie Mac is available.

Although for the record, it is kind of ridiculous to expect a Disney sports movie the first season of a new head coach. In fact, I know Yale will start winning, at least against Harvard, the second I graduate, cuz that's just how it goes. I only wish I could be here for next season, when we really get to see what the coach can do, since this season doesn't really count, let's be honest; people are just being hysterical.


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Jay said...

i take it you guys lost The Game. . .