Monday, April 27, 2009


To break from drawing, I drew this guy I met in Japan. Turns out he's not just a music enthusiast, but is also in a band called Rifle!

Baa: Someone once mentioned that they recognized my style, which makes me laugh because I don't feel I really have a "style" yet, just a collection of methods for different occasions. So for kicks, I like to sniff out my style by consciously applying "style" to warp a subject, like this guy.

I suspended my Ex!t boycott for their senior show to check out these two Ex!t seniors, fellow and former Recordians. I always wanted to draw this guy because he has such a distinct look, and he looks so easy to draw, but I have never been able to really get him. He's graduating, so no more chances, dangit.

Fun Facts: After I paid him my entrance fee, he said, "Thank you, sir," in a way that says, "I vaguely remember you, but I think you may clearly remember me, so this could--wait, yes, yes, it did just get uncomfortable in here."

Entrance fees're the main reason I loathe Ex!t. Benji could have owned their entire gang single-handedly, but the Crayon only charges on parents' weekend (logical).

Anyway, I actually worked directly with this guy last year on the Record. He's quite funny, has mad geek cred (Mana burn and d20s?!! Yes!), and he is actually a hecka underrated artist!

He really shoulda drawn more for the Record; I can think of several art pieces that should have been assigned to him.

Fun Facts: I exaggerated with the hair, but he's quite fun to draw (flashback).

The other reason I dislike Ex!t is the names! What is up with the "wacky" stage names?!



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