Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just to update what we're looking at here, Escape! is now out in print! You can find some incredible original comics, and a beautiful cover, but we've also collected a bunch of great reprints from the Herald and the YDN.

Free bookmark not included with purchase of free Escape!. Only available while supplies last. Void where prohibited. Please drink responsibly.

All my reprinted comics that were posted on this site with "updated art coming soon" have been touched up so they now look better than originally printed, and are in line with their Removal versions.

But what I'm most excited about is that you may now view certain comics "uncensored." I don't like that sensationalist word, but it's technically true, and it's hecka funny saying that I've been censored. Multiple times.

Imagine that.

The YDN's Zero Like Me gets a section.

So if you're a Rumpus person and you think you're clever second guessing me, guess what, you're not. Yeah, I said it. Just kidding. But seriously, now you can see the original for yourself. Isn't that neat how the depth you're looking for in a comic actually did/does exist?

The Herald's Zero Like Me: Zero Romance also gets a section.

No censorship issues there, just updated aesthetics, but that fool jack kelly does get to print some cut material, too. Might want to drink that all in, it'll have to last for a while.

So take a look at me now,


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