Friday, December 4, 2009


It's like there's a nuke in my mouth and everybody's invited.

Zero Like Me #59
Zero Romance #12:
Up In Smoke
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Easter Eggs: Romance 12 on fallout sign. Mr. K refs two people. The first is one of my elementary school teachers who really did get arrested, but for something entirely different from drug use. The second is one of, if not the first Yale people I met beyond my FroCo(s) and my suitemates Freshman Year. Pretty much since my second week at Yale, he's been so welcoming and supportive personally, even before the comics, and especially this year, but it is a horrid fact that he is weeks from graduation. Also, ref'd a freakishly stylish lad; 98% of the time during class, I couldn't understand a word he was saying, although he seems to like comics, so beyond his killer style, he's all aces.

Fun Facts: I'm considering quitting the Herald, and I was just about convinced to stay on until I met a fan in the JE lab while scanning this, who says that although he rarely reads the YDN even he knows my comics, but only from there, meaning (all jokes aside), people really don't read the Herald. So it seems like a wise business move to blitz the YDN, but the Herald is finally becoming the haven for comics I always knew it was and could be again, so aside from pure loyalty, I feel I should stick around since it is more comics-friendly. I hate to be so upfront, but if you have any input, please give me some advice on what to do and where you read my comics, either by voting in the poll in the top right, or by emailing or something.

Obviously there's the bias that since you've found this site, that means you know I'm at both papers, but I'm interested in that majority who only read me in print. The YDN and the Herald do not put comics online competently if at all, so the only real way to gauge my comics is through my site(s), which I do not actively promote. And way more people read me in print than online, so this site only offers me a sliver of the picture, so I cannot know how valuable the Herald is. I suspect a significant amount only know/read my YDN stuff and I'm wasting my time at the Herald, but I do know there are people who really like the Herald so I'm at a stalemate and I need to make a decision soon.

Baa: It weirds me out when aesthetically powerful people talk to me, and it also weirds me out when people I've never formally been introduced to address me by name, so imagine my panic attack when the smoker chap from today's comic started a quick conversation with me in the YDN office.

Okay, it's time for my semesterly thank-yous.

Thanks: Rachel, Joe and the nice Heralders, Claire, Takeshi Obata, Kim Young-Oh, Garry Trudeau, Aaron McGruder.

Special Thanks: Kirk, Mr. Kanter.



Jay said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! oh and the people that be, ummm you know them, dont much like that Z is smoking... just an FYI...

Chitty said...

I liked this comic! I think the "punchline" was quite well delivered.

And to weigh in on the whole Herald-YDN business...I'd say keep doing the Herald since it really is the comics haven of Yale, and allows more experimentation. Though if there are up and coming youngsters clamoring for space in the Herald, that could give you an excuse to decide on the YDN. Eh, your decision probably should just be based off of which format you like better...strip or box. Hmm.