Monday, July 26, 2010


Got back from Comic-Con. Exhausted. But we're back in the saddle, eight million times wiser after shoving my stupid little drawings in front of paid professionals for the past four days.

By Friday night it was looking grim, Saturday night was just about the nail in the coffin, and I was ready to shout I Told You So to anyone who believed in me, but Sunday, man...Sunday went freakishly smooth and ended my hazing on a ridiculously Hollywood-ending series of high notes. So now I've got a game plan for the first time since do-well-in-high-school-to-get-into-a-good-college.

"You've got a future, and I don't normally say that." -- Steven T. Seagle

See you in the future, then. Even if, well, you know.


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