Friday, October 15, 2010


Just got a hot tip on a dope deal down at the docks by the dairy, y'dig? Dang, serious ice at stake; steady hands and nerves needed, natch (didn't hear it from me, man). And I gotta get it gonzo.

Gonna have to get a grain check on that corker of a comic today. But check this cheese instead, from back in the day, like black in the bay, featuring a fall fest finished freshly on Friday.

Ah--dangit, it's the fuzz. Found here fast. Listen, keep your nose clean, kid, I'll hang here, hold 'em, and heave 'em. See you back at base. And don't ditch the dice this time. Gonna blast those bones for bills, boy, believe it.

Now beat it, them bobbies gettin' bubbly.


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