Friday, October 1, 2010


Out with a wimp.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #124:
I Graduated, But...
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The Additionals.

Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Teri catchphrase. Ozu title. Yale's official and formerly official colors.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is JE. Today's guest star is the JE Master, one of the most energetic and optimistic people around.

Baa: Today was scheduled to be a really sad day--my Yale email account, which I used every day for the past four years finally expired as they give us recent alumni the ultimate and final boot out of our practical Yale existences. Plus my final YDN board is switching out today, effectively cutting me off from the YDN as I know it. But something hilarious happened at 202 York that made everything better. Speaking of which, did you know the "old" YDN EIC used to be a champion breakdancer before college? Don't believe it? Well, believe it.

And with that, Zero Zetsubo has graduated from teh Yale. Good bye and good luck JEsters, 202ers, etc.


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