Wednesday, September 29, 2010


When all your parents ever do is argue about money problems, this is freaking hilarious.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #123:
The Spoogleberg Chronicles Pt.1 - Wardell
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Jimmy Eat World double-inside joke--he viciously trashed JEW in a Spring Fling piece he wrote for the Herald and he also sent a colorful text message to the Herald one day...

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the bus stop just outside of TD. Originally meant for the Herald but now broken up into a multi-part comic, this idea has been sitting on deck since about 2008. When I pitched it in 2009, my editor wouldn't allow it to run for personal reasons. She did, however, admit it was funny. So there.

Baa: We were in a class about graphic novels one semester. He never seemed to bring his own books to class and when I shared my copy of Lynda Barry with him one day, he SNAPPED! the book's spine as he set it down on the table, severing the cover from the book's interiors. And he made no mention of it! Nice.

Anyway, one class we were discussing Tintin and I go on a (rare) rant about how as a comicser (especially), I really didn't appreciate Tintin as valuable reading, particularly since a lot of Tintin was so technically wrong--it was a train wreck of techniques you just don't do in comics, yet everyone was acting like it was all pure genius. I get that Gerge is a pioneer and everything, but I just wished everyone would stop acting like he got it right immediately (it irked me that many of my classmates seemed to see comics as cutesy and were just there for kicks, rather than for a legit interest in comics). No, there are considerable flaws in Gerge's comics' very construction, yet everyone else in the class kept looking at me like I was insane for questioning the legend.

Long story short, I'm trashing Tintin and then later I discover that my silent classmate's dad is involved with the Tintin would not believe the retroactive anxiety I am capable of.

Only at Yale, man, only at Yale. And of course, this sort of stuff has to happen to me.


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