Friday, September 17, 2010


Beware the law firm of Bwoing, Whap, and Klonk, trust me.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #118:
Buiikikaesu Pt.7: Helga G. Pataki
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Hey, Arnold! and Plain White T's refs.

Fun Facts: AH! While drawing this, I played THIS on loop! YEAH!! What eerily perfect timing!

Baa: Hugs really throw me off. I dunno. The great Miron once wrote a song that perfectly captured how I feel about hugs, but alas, it's no longer up anymore--basically, hugs have sadly become severely underrated as a social interaction.

Don't just spring it on a body unless he's ready, is what I'm saying. Someone was kind enough to warn me before hugging me, which at least gave me a split second to think, Ok, how do I politely get out of this situa--*hugged*--ok, I guess we're hugging, then.

But I generally don't hug back because I'm still busy mentally bracing myself for the hug, even while it's occurring, which I'm sure freaks out the hugger, when the hug-ee is just standing there motionless, looking uncomfortable, nervous, and perhaps even constipated.

Hugs must not be such big deals. -- Miron

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