Monday, September 20, 2010


With every breath....

Zero Like Me [Alive] #119:
Buiikikaesu Pt.8: The Cat Returns
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Callback to this comic...

Fun Facts: Today's setting is JE. And it's probably worth repeating that today's guest star, Alexis Blight, is not based on a real person per se; her name comes from one of the rockin'est professors at Yale plus one of my old classmates, both being incredibly neat people of course, it just so happens they have cool, villainous-sounding names that I like. Coincidentally, it turns out this exact combination of names happens to be shared with a real person, apparently a college athlete, so...yeah. Sorry if you googled the real Alexis Blight and got stranded here.

Baa: I had to take a ballroom dance unit as a part of my high school's janky PE program (the highlight being bowling as the last unit of the year for students with A's) and I remember I had to waltz with a really, really stinky girl. And on top of that, she insisted on singing along to whatever annoying song was blasting in the gym. Why can't we be just like movies? Sigh...anything for an A in highschool, rite?

Zero romance, indeed.


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