Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Clap your hand, say Wah.

Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 2. Four of the five things I never left my dorm without, plus my drawing lamp and a jack kelly post-it, in panel 1. Also in panel 1, that little Batman keychain trinket thing I got with my ticket when I saw Dark Knight in a theater in Japan.

Fun Facts: I usually only break exterior panels for Herald April Fools' specials, but it's a webcomic, so we're getting wacky...and hey, color. I think we're gonna do more spot coloring.

Baa: One junior year afternoon, I needed to get into Farnam so I asked some obviously fresh man to swipe me in. The blonde/blue dude hesitated upon seeing my positively Amadou-Diallo-like visage, "Uh, I'm a professor and I don't think our swipes work on freshman dorms." I gave the baby-faced youngster an unamused look. "Ok, I'll try," he said, and -surprise- swiped right in to the [read: his] dorm. Now, am I racist for assuming he profiled me? Maybe. But whatever. Thanks for helping out a beaner in need, sir, I salute you.

Look alive, sunshine.


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