Monday, October 4, 2010


Zapp Brannigan, reporting.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #125:
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The Additionals.

Easter Eggs: "Yale" prominently on the resume, there, but of course to no avail. Good Eats in panel 2. Coach McGuirk and Nyao in panel 3.

Fun Facts: Today's extra special guest star is the New Haven Police and this is comic number 125 coincidentally. While I usually give the YDN something from the archives for the Tuesday edition, there was a huge story that broke this weekend that I felt compelled to write about, just like the good old undergrad days back on the beat. I felt alive for the first time in a while, after our more recent spat of soap opera-y comics, so our more heavily continuity-based story has been temporarily interrupted. Darn. So that's why this week the YDN's getting a premiere comic, meanwhile Removal's getting a premium comic.

The story over the weekend was literally unbelievable--Yalies got arrested? Cops were violent with Yalies? A Yalie got tazed five times? I'm fully aware of the argument about over-privileged Yalies being too sensitive, but why on earth would a cop ever taze and terrorize Yale students? I cannot conceive of a reason that the cops' behavior was appropriate. Even if the raid was predetermined, it was a party FUBU Yalies, not some back alley drug deal. Barbaric, disgusting police conduct; the cops have no excuse. See if you can spot in today's comic three reasonable scenarios as well as a completely inappropriate one.

Baa: In our more personal section of the post, Baa, I'm wondering if using jumps is more annoying than helpful. The idea is I want people to be able to browse comics and art more easily, without having to sift through excessive text, and the people who are interested in reading more can just click the post titles for the fulltext. I hope that helps... Also, I listened to this song while drawing in honor of my new [co-]editor's first day. Good luck. As for the old men, pretty sneaky stuff they pulled...

Good times.


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