Wednesday, July 13, 2011


note to self #121: not voltaire

It's jack kelly, author of note to self with some comics under the banner of "tigerbeatcoverboy." Up first is a comic about jack kelly's cowardly, cowardly cowardice. He talks a big game, but you know he's all about fascism when push comes to shove (he bruises easily).

note to self #122: period

Nice, jack kelly, way to disrespect the common agony of women by voluntarily taking on a similar burden, as if to flaunt your ability to escape that red-soaked fate whenever you wish.

note to self #123: spoiled

Oh, jack kelly, I bet you slay all the ladies with your bacterial contamination, you diseased vector, you.

note to self #124: protest

Come on, jack kelly, just because Yale is a worldwide leader in discourse and education doesn't mean it should also be a bastion for free speech, idiot; don't be so narrow-minded.

note to self #125: my hip

I bet you think you're clever, jack kelly, but you're not. You're like...something...that isn't clever. Like a hipster's idiotic photography, for instance.


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