Monday, May 28, 2012


It's time for more homework sketches.  Up top, we've got a fellow Lugia fan and at right, an Anpanman fan.  What is Anpanman?  Anpanman is a hugely famous character (a man made of anpan--a Japanese bread [pan is Japanese for "bread" (Anpanman characters are named after, and have heads made out of, bread-based foods)]) in Japan that people of all ages love, far beyond its elementary-school target demographic.  Kids and adults like to draw Anpanman because he's a really simple design of basically just circles and semi-circles.  So since this kid wrote about his Anpanman fandom, I decided to try drawing a "real" Anpanman.  Japanese people call "real"--realistic--anything that is more than just stripped-down basic linework. Hope he was "enjoying," as they say.

Next we've got that frog guy from Chrono Trigger for a kid who likes Chrono Trigger.  I have no idea what that character's deal is, I just wanted to draw him since he's not the otherwise too-DBZish Toriyama character designs, which I would expect are too predictable targets of fan art.

Moving on, we've got an amusing report from a fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  You know Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, don't you?  Of course you do.  Fart some rainbows if you haven't already. I know I just did.

After that we've got some One Piecers followed by Mr. Umezawa himself, based on Mr. Moeller's depiction here.  The reason this post is called "Jitte Isn't French" is because when this card's set (Betrayers of Kamigawa) came out, the more famous Umezawa-bearing card drove me nuts because ignorant 'Murrcans kept slaughtering that artifact's name into some sick French-like pronunciation instead of more closely arriving at the Japanese pronunciation (which--surprise--is just as it appears on the card in English).  Not only did the increasingly erroneous tongue-spasmings annoy me, but that common and more heavily pronounced replacement sound was perhaps the most annoying sound language-speaking tonguemeat can make this side of any word that ends in a "Ch" sound--that horror "zshh" sound, as in the beginning of Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

Come to think of it, oddly enough, words that begin or middle with "Ch" sound cute, but I absolutely cannot stand words that end with that disgusting squish.  Oh, how "Ch" haunts "lunch" I hate it so.

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