Friday, May 25, 2012


This is the second-campus version of our May ALT News poster.  This one's text covers the same ground, just more streamlined. Sections this month include New Expression, where we cover my favorite passive method of correction: "Maybe."  We also have a dissertation on free time (what's that like, anyway?). Our anchor features a more realized version of the quickly-drawn Jhonen Vasquez-inspired bee-based bear.  I had time to really go to town with my Copic Ciaos, but more on that later.  This month's title logo was all Zebras, and I'm quite happy with how it came out!

This is one section on famous Yalies.  Yalebrities, if you will. Yes, Batman's there. And I actually met someone who knows who Edward Norton is!  Claire Danes, too, but I decided to cut her for Meryl Streep, since she's prolly a bit more well-known...right?

Gosh, Paul Giamatti's neat, but I had no idea what "Cold Souls" was about...


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