Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This is the making of our Bearbee from our 2nd May ALT Poster, teased with an eye-coloring walkthrough here.  I'm using no inks, just Copic Ciaos on this.  This first bit's the yellows.  I like to go light to dark, although I've heard some kookoopants go dark to light...!!  I bought an even lighter blue to handle the wings, but I ended up wanting an even lighter blue!  None to be found at my local store, but I found a bunch of new flavors near the big city one day when coming home from a week in Tokyo.

Next we hit the fur.  If my colorset has an MVP, it'd be the E series of colors, the browns that handle fur, wood, and even hair.  These guys always end up doing heavy lifting, and I've even killed an E35 Chamois!  This one was fun because I was sort of freestyling the negative space for light, and the dark shadowed areas, just intuition.  I treated the head as a separate object, so I went in with an even lighter color for the muzzle. I screwed up on the darkness for the muzzle--I picked up the wrong color and so I had to go darker than I wanted, but I'd say I recovered pretty well, actually.  Towards the end I realized bears have pawpads, so I started ghosting in some space for dark, dark pads, since I could only go darker on the already-colored areas!

So here's where we go darkest on the main figure: dark nose, dark pawpads, then the deliciously red mouth, which is always fun to color, but also kinda scary cuz if you spike the red, there's kinda no recovering!  Red's a really powerful color, right up there with that E47 Dark Brown or that Violet Gray I used for the "black" bits. After that we get more fun reds on the pot and call it a draw!


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