Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've been in Tokyo for the past week, so slowly but surely we'll get back on posting schedule. So here we go.

On the way back from Tokyo I stopped by a store to get some ink.  I got lost, but I saw a Bamboo tablet sitting around so I decided to try it out after hearing so much about the legendary just-a-notch-above-etch-a-sketch technology.  It was indeed a bit rough to use compared to my trusty Intuos, but still an interesting test.  Anyway, here's our draw from the sesh.  One of the staff even came by to watch me draw and then he asked if he could snap some photos!

Don't worry, the pics weren't cuz he liked the drawing, he just wanted to make sure I warn't stealin' nuffin...yeah...that's it...

I'm bad at taking compliments, sorry. (Good thing nobody ever compliments me--ZING!--see what I did there?) 


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