Monday, April 30, 2012


More expressions from last time.  This one's supposed to look "smart."  In a related story, why does nobody ever call anyone out on calling themselves smart?  I noticed there's a recent trend, particularly in comedy, of  people flat out calling themselves "smart" or just overusing the word to describe anyone who references a some decidedly unintelligent thing like a reality tv personality.  I've been wondering for a long time, since getting into Yale, actually--what does smart mean?  I grew up thinking it meant someone with great intelligence (or a kid talking back to an adult) but now I know: it means a dude with some mean glasses and phantom math etchings floating around him. 

This dude is surprised I'm still doing all this all these years later. Me too, but no surprise there.

This was maybe the trickiest.  It's Nervous.  I thought I nailed it, but guess not...y'know? I dunno.

This one was ridiculous fun to draw.  It's "cool," but really fun hearing what the jKids came up with.  My favorite guess of theirs was "wild" and/or "rocker."  Neat.  I was surprised to see these printed out and in color, but they actually look pretty neat on paper!


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