Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We're working on updating the outstanding backlogged posts, but my statistician informs me this is my 800th post published. And it only took 5 years!  This is my first post using the new blogspot interface, too.  A bit jarring, but so far it's better than the atrocious revamp they did last time.

Anyway, here's a recent selection of art I did for a lesson on expressions and how you're feeling. So with that, let's get emo, shall we?

This one was fun because I love drawing people crying. The jKids got a good laugh on this one, which was great.  The pattern in the back is a riff on the Japanese symbological graphic for despair--that snaily shape.

This was one of the two I drew on the day-of. I lugged my gigantic laptop and my trusty tablet to school and jammed this one out as well as one we'll see in this post's sequel. I knew I was facing 2 hours of sleep, so I knew I wanted to draw this one the morning of the presentation.  I was slightly worried they might guess his emotion was "Drugged-Out-of-His-Skull," but fortunately they guessed "Sleepy."

Sleepy's one of my favorites.


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