Monday, November 8, 2010


Suck it up, Zero, but don't suck up.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #138:
Keep Cool, My Cry Babies
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on the TV Guido.

Fun Facts: Conan is Zero's hero and is his choice vehicle for escapism. I happen to adore Conan as well, oddly enough!

Baa: The first organization I looked into after getting my acceptance letter from Yale was the Yale Record, the Nation's Oldest College Humor Magazine (suck on that, Harvard Lampoon) because since I didn't get into Harvard, I figured this would be the closest I could get to meeting the next Conan (if he went to Yale). So I was psyched to join the Record when I arrived in the Fall of '06, making it the only group I've been with all eight semesters, and it's where I got my first artistic encouragement, which helped me decide to be an artist. Aww!

I thought I'd get to chum around with a bunch of hilarious people like the Old School Record (pic via Slate). Ironically though, as an artist, I rarely got to actually interact with anyone from the Record in person, and by graduation, I could barely match any names to faces since 99% of my Record interaction was via email! On one of my last days at Yale, I met a big ZLM fan who somehow knew what I looked like, flagged me down, and we chatted about the comic. I only figured out later that he was actually a fellow Yale Record '10! Boy was my face red. Or purple. I have dark skin. Like my heart. Aww!


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