Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That's an actual shirt design people wear to The Game.

Zero Like Me #141:
On Harvard Crime
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on luggage. My horrific laptop. Yoochoob is the story's source. Vuvuzelas are banned, so sneaking them in is required, it seems.

Fun Facts: I didn't want to address the Annie Le case in any sort of forced, hacky, or unauthentic way, so I did this comic when that story was unfurling. Today's comic, set in my old room, JE E32, is a response to the controversy over On Harvard Time using the Annie Le story as a comedic reference. OHT clearly made a bad decision, but I also can't deny thinking about how Yalies invariably wear their Unabomber shirts so cheerily. I read that he killed three people and injured many more, including Yale-affiliated people so it actually is also a little weird making light of all that, too.

Baa: I secretly spent an extra day in JE after graduation/eviction because there was a last minute hitch with the travel plans. My room looked like the above, except all its removable contents were stuffed into three giant pieces of luggage, my overburdened backpack, and my omnipresent cargo pants, which are my exclusive choice of legwear since I need the pockets to carry my portable art supplies so that I can always draw or take notes wherever I go.

Special hello to the Massachusetts visitors. Hope you're well.


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