Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Don't believe the hype.

Zero Like Me #143:
The Cantabulous Life of Zero Zetsubo Pt.2 -
Don't Tease Me, Bro
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Riffs on Tenchi's and Mihoshi's outfits in panel 3. My stupid, horrific camera in panel 2. Today's setting is Eliot House at Harvard, JE's sister college.

Fun Facts: Today's ghost star is ex-Harvardette Alexis Blight--panel 3 is in Nyao's dark and twisted imagination. Nyao started out being violently defensive of Zero in super early scripts before I launched the comic--she even killed a guy just because he bugged Zero! But presently, she just has a strong wariness of the girl with the wily hair.

Baa: So we're finally making our way towards getting back on schedule after I came down with a crazy cold and then had to deal with a series of other personal emergencies, meaning comics had to halt for a minute, but we're moving forward. Also, when I stayed at Eliot my junior year, it was a frigid, horrid experience, leaving me with an incredibly poor estimation of Harvard.

Onward comrades, to the future. On and on.


The above replaces this old, temporary post:

I got some more bad news, man...

computrix crashed while on the ~15th hour of photoshopping today's comic. I just had one more panel to shade! It was looking great, but the entire file got nulled (it has only ever just gone back to the last save...but why does it crash so often in Photoshop anyway? This computer's like 6 months old, I got it expressly for handling big Photoshop files...), so I'm starting over on the shades, using the YDN version to spare re-inking time, so I just need to make some line tweaks, shade evvvvvverything again, and then we'll be back on our already way-behind schedule.

As always, I'd rather
wait for the real deal comic before posting, but since the YDN version will be released in print and on their website before I can finish the Removal version, I might as well at least offer that much here. Please be aware that I am not happy with the YDN version, and I had made considerable changes for our version, but if you must view the comic now, you can find the drafts below, but again, I'd prefer if you waited to read the final version for reasons that will become clear if you just trust me. You trust me, don't you? Oh, you!

Cough. If you still need some Yale comics to pass the time, check out The Jinjin's archives. She kills it on the regular so much that she
literally frightens me, she's that good.

All right, please bear with me. The cold's pretty much gone, but now we're facing this plus a couple other upcoming

So, really, could you please wait for the final version to be your first view of this comic? Coincidentally, it is called "Don't Tease Me, Bro." Great.

This is what I sent to the YDN...for non-New Haven visitors, please consider holding out for the final version, it'll be up soon. I'll post up some drawings in the meantime, since the comics backlog is going to take a time to churn out.

Somewhere out there is a patient little boy named Johnny, who will wait for the final version. At the very least, can you wait like him? Can you do it? I think you can. So does Matt Dillon.


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