Monday, November 15, 2010


Shirk that wort and work that shirt.

Zero Like Me [Alive] #140:
Take Ivy FashMash
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on jacket. Harvoid Statue's face smashed with feces. Green was Yale's official color before blue. Crimson is Hahvid's color as well as black (lucky ducks...). The crowd boasts the unflappable Dan's squareman, the unstoppable Jinjin's Theodore Rex, and the untouchable jack kelly's stick man. UHTSS! UHTSS! UHTSS! is how fashion sounds, trust me, I've been to sooo many fashion shows, it's ridiculous.

Fun Facts: Blue and green are considered the same color in Japan. Also, I pitched Nyao's shirt design twice to the Yale Record for their annual The Game shirt, but it got flushed both times after the chuckles subsided. Zero's shirt was a design I thought of at last year's The Game after seeing that same cliched front design on Hahvid kids year after year after year. Someone should really hand those things out, I guarantee you those Crimson dopes would wear them without checking the back! They don't think good.

Baa: I only began enjoying fashion after I started doing comics (my favorite fashion resource's definitely the Sartorialist). One of the things I miss about roaming Yale is seeing the snappily dressed richlings around campus. There was this girl who worked at the Film Center who wore some insanely cool jackets and hats. I think she was even in JE!

Ok, Yale, go beat Harvard. I'm begging you. Please. You've got everything going for you, just do it. Get it done. Do it for your coach. Do it for yourselves. Do it for Ned.



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