Friday, November 12, 2010


What's this Prinstown you speak of?

Zero Like Me [Alive] #139:
Tiger Beat
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" on tree. Inadvertent Padres colors, but necessary for orange/autumn color scheme. Doncamatic jacket!

Fun Facts: Yale's extended, unofficial motto is "Harvard sucks and Princeton doesn't matter," fyi. So much stuff to do (and time is running out, as of course, it always seems to be) so I had to take it easy on the backgrounds and stuff today, but it's generally set on the New Haven Green.

Baa: Coincidentally, the thing that guy was talking to me about (from Monday's Baa) was if I had made Nyao cat-like as an homage to Calvin and Hobbes. As I explained, the short answer is that I didn't, and I only noticed the Calvin and Hobbes parallel a little later in the run.

But let's get to the real story. Yale's playing Pton tomorrow. Really? Princeton...? They're like the Cornell of the Ivy League. Wait, Cornell's already in the Ivy League? Then Brown. Dang--them, too? How about Dartmouth? Penn? Never mind.

Go, fight, win, Yale! Beat them chumps tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

Haha "the Cornell of the Ivy League"...