Monday, May 21, 2012


Here's some more homework sketches

These were fun since we got to get away from all the recent ghost talk. But still a lot of ghosts.

We've got a novel solution to the boredom of being at home watching TV when you'd rather be playing volleyball: VBTV.  We've got a pingpongchu.  We've got a kid training to swim with weights because that makes sense.  We've got a girl playing Wii cuz the Wii is for girls (kidding. I think...).  We've got a kid who's bored playing vidja games, imagine that! 

We've even got a winding TV game controller weaving throughout a worksheet, my gentle way of pointing out unused space on a worksheet. 

Can you spot the kid who visited an aquarium?  At least I think he did, I'm not completely sure that's what he was trying to communicate.  Anyway, it was a fun one to do, and I even got to hear some jKids swoon over it when the papers got handed out live (doesn't often happen; I usually draw these as island-bottled messages).

One girl was a fan of the Japan-originated Alice in Wonderland animation (not the Disney one!), so she gets a Canete-inspired Alice.  It came out a little janky, but works well enough...  One kid worked on his curve ball, so I drew him a baseballing scene.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch was a McCay inspired piece after a kid wrote about a cold dreamland the slept into or something...I love these kids' imaginations.  When they try, they can rattle off some neat stuff.  They just need to feel comfortable with the language, or just feel like rambling with the natural poetry that oozes out of their little brains like breath from their lungs.

Did that just get creepy for a minute?  The answer is yes.


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